Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 3

Day 3

Temperature: Clear but windy in the morning. Sunny and warm in afternoon

Mood: Well rested and adventurous.

Got up this morning about 7 am ready to start the journey. But first, to look for a bar for breakfast. Stumbled upon a little hole in the wall where there were other pilgrims - It was about 8 am and they had already walked from Roncesvalles (about 10 miles) Of course they were big strapping Spanish dudes who looked like they could have they could definitely take on the bulls in Pamplona. We chatted a bit about the journey, how many days the hope to take them (like 20 instead of the normal 35). But of course!!). Nice guys and I wished them well.

Then I picked up my backpack and began my take off. There are two ways you can get to the next refugio for the night - follow the freeway or follow the wooded paths that are marked with a seashell and a yellow arrow (these are the signs that mark the El Camino de Santiago).

Okay, let me explain the paths - imagine if you will these quaint backroads that often times lead past pastorial scenes. Many times their are sheep crossing your way, or some beautifully white cows laying lazily in the grass. The paths themselves can be muddy or stoney. Often times they reduce to fine lines just wide enough for your shoe. Othertimes they are made up of straight hills. The paths are nice but watch out for that seashell, otherwise you´ll be doing some serious backtracking!!!

I began on the wooded path - after some fellow pilgrims whistled at me that I was going the wrong direction (actually I was headed for the highway). Gamely, I decided to follow them and they quickly disappeared - again strong stapping guys. Lots of glorious paths where I was taking lots of pics. I kind of fell into a bit of trance just follow path after path - but after about 45 minutes, the path slowed to nothing. Oh boy - I realized that I must have gone the wrong way.

Okay, I reminded myself, God wants you to learn early about the importance of paying attention. So I retraced my steps and 45 minutes later I learned that I took the wrong way, way in the beginning. So - back on to the freeway where I´m sure not to get lost.

Silly me. I´ll try those paths again, no doubt. But when alone, I think it´ll be the boring freeway.

Okay - I´ve got 5 more kilometers to go before I make Larrasoana (check the map below). I better take off.

Hasta la proxima