Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 6 cizur menor - puente de la reina

Temperature: bit misty in the morning and then getting to about 90 high noon

Mood: Ready to start the day

Day 6

I got up this morning with my blisters healed and ready to take on the day. Today´s trip was about 19 kilometers or 12 miles. Surprisingly I handled it with ease. No blister pain, no knee problems, no fatigue.

I ended up walking with a guy from Finland ¨Kimmo¨. A young guy about 28 with a tatoo on his neck and red hair. Nicest guy who, as is the order around here, spoke English very well. He´s an artist who is finding himself with a bit of time on his hands and decided to walk the Camino. We talked about the differences in Finnish and American cultures, about the Spain-Germany soccer match (Spain won), places to check out in Costa del Sol (he´s into beaches and I had just been there), etc.

It is always good to have a travelling companion with you when you walk. It makes the day so much more pleasant! The hours fly by and before you know it you´re at your next destination.

The route between Cizur Menor is a taxing on as it has one long hill that covers about 2 miles. It´s gentle but its long. There are great views of Pamplona to the north-west. Plus there are many public fountains along the way to refill those water bottles (drinking at least 12 oz of h20 every half hour is crucial!!)

Well, Kimmo and I made it to the next alberque in Puenta de la reina. Its a pleasant enough town and I look forward to going to dinner and maybe having a tortilla de patata. This alberque is run by monks so definitely separate rooms and bathrooms for men and women and lights out at 10. Its a good thing.

I´m off to the garden to take a siesta.

P.S. Still hoping to find a computer with a usb port.