Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Temperature: Extremely warm in the afternoon and then somewhat windy at night

Mood: Well rested

Hello all,

Well, I decided to kick back a bit in Burgos - my feet definitely needed a rest! They were covered in blisters. Sometimes I think it is a bit foolhardy of me to go from relatively little exercise back home to walking 12 to 15 miles daily. So I´m paying the price. I´m glad to have stayed in Burgos - its a beautiful city.

Looking at the map you can see that Burgos is more less the half way point in the camino frances. So that´s kind of a nice feeling. Burgos is rich in history, especially the central area. As you can see from the pictures, the most important landmark is the cathedral. Burgos has amazingly wide streets with an electric night life. I was lucky to have fellow pilgrim friends with whom I could enjoy a lovely meal. Two of them are down below - a lovely Norwegian couple named Kari and Armstein.

These two are teachers in Norway and they told me quite a bit about education in Norway. Did you know that the teacher to student ratio in Norway is 5 to 1? Incredible!!!!! As we all know, back in the states, we´re looking at 35 students to a single teacher. That´s socialism for you.

Well, after 3 days in Burgos, I´m ready to set off with my backpack and take on the camino. My blisters are all cleared up so I have no excuse to not take on a 30 kilometer day.

Hasta luego,