Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 14 - whoops, forgot to update in awhile

Just outside of Burgos (see map) about 40% there

Temperature: Super cold in the morning, then over 80 degrees in afternoon
Mood: Having fun

Hello all,

Sorry its been a while since my last update. Been travelling, making new friends, laughing, having some vino.

Ill be uploading some photos as soon as I find another usb port. In the meantime, the update:

In the past few days, I have actually been walking an average of 18 miles are so. As you know, Im not in the greatest of shape but its amazing how quickly the body can acclimate. And, its so much better when you are walking with new friends instead of on your own. Not only can you talk about world affairs and stuff but they kind of carry you along in their own pace.

Its cool.

The last few days, Ive been hanging out with a guy from Germany named Dieter. He is really alot of fun. His English is pretty good but I do like his little Dieterisms like: I do declare it

Well, I know this is a short entry. Ill wrîte very soon.