Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why do the pilgrimage?


Look below and you can see a poem written in Spanish about the pilgrimage. It was written a graffiti wall where pilgrims left their little bits of wisdom in German, French, etc. I was really taken with this one. It makes me think why I have chosen to walk the camino. I can only say, that as this urban wisdom suggests, there is a strong force within me that has called me for months. I am so glad that I have listened to this inner voice.

Anyway, here´s the translation:

First photo:

Dust, mud, sun and rain,
this is the Camino of Santiago.
Thousands of pilgrims have come
over thousands of years.

Pilgrim, who calls you?
What hidden force beckons you?
Not the countyside of stars,
not the huge cathedrals

Not the bravado of the province of Navarra,
Not the wine of the rioja region,
Not the shellfish of Galicia,
Not the Spanish countryside

Second photo:

Pilgrim, who calls you?
What hidden force attracts you?
Not the people on the camino,
not the rural customs.

Not the history and the culture
Not the rooster from the city of Santo Domingo de la Calzada.
Not Gaudi´s palace (in Barcelona).
Not the castle Ponferrada.

Third photo:
Everything that you see as you pass.
Is a pleasure to see.
More than the voice that calls you
You feel it more deeply.

The force that pushes me,
The force that attracts me,
I can´t even try to explain
Only someone up above knows.