Friday, July 18, 2008

Castrojeriz - Fromista

Temperature: hot, hot, hot

Mood: Sad

In my last stop, Burgos, it seemed where are all of the pilgrims with whom I had been travelling had decided to leave. Its not uncommon for Eurpoeans to do the camino in sections as opposed to travelling the whole 790 kilometers at once.

So gone were the Italian ladies (see picture) the Norwegian couple (see below) Montserrat and her dog (see picture) and of course my ¨belovable¨ Dieter. It is a weird feeling to be surrounded by great friends that you had just really bonded with just to say farewell.

So, feeling a little sad, I took a bus to Cartrojeriz and began the next phase of my journey. This section is the ¨mesita¨. I had ended the Pyrreneas section with Burgos (marked by several hills and valleys, rioja grape vineyards and magnificient views) And, now have begun the mesita - flat, dry and arid.

Imagine my surprise after walking some 20 kilometres to find a little albergue with a pool (see picture)!! So, so, so nice. It was a little oasis where people were lounging around in bikinis and drinking ¨claras¨ (beer and 7up basically) and just taking in the sun.

My feet, once again were killing me so I quickly chucked my bag and put my feet in the pool.

Sweet relief.

Hasta pronto,