Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 15 on the road....

Hello all, (Melide, Galicia, Spain)

Today is Sunday, July 15th and still hanging loose in Galicia. As you can see, Galicia is really laid back and tranquil. Very green, very agricultural, lots of farms, sheep, cows. Its beautiful to walk through. Alone with my thoughts I have time to reflect on the beauty of God.
Then I turn on my iphone and blast my tunes.... Hey, gotta keep fill the time somehow. ;)

I was talking to local of Galicia. Talking to the locals is the best way to learn about the history. He was saying that while Galicia is very beautiful they really suffer from a lack of industry. So many of their towns and churches have been abandoned (see picture). Starting from the Spanish Civil War until the present, so many Gallegos have left the area to find work.

Many have emigrated to Cuba, Argentina and to other parts of Europe. Some have simply gone off to Madrid, the big city, to find work. So while it is super pristine and just beautiful to behold there is some sadness to the Gallego culture....

As for me, life has been happily passing by. I´ve been really lucky because I´ve been hanging out for the past couple of days with Christine and Mark, a Canadian couple. And guess what? Mark´s an assistant principal at a high school and Christine has spent a lot of time as an educator. The camino and teachers - well, I guess were the only ones with time on our hands to take on a crazy adventure.
Anyway, they´ve been great. We walk on our own but somehow I always manage to see in the evening at the next town. Always fun to laugh, share a drink and grouse about who´s been snoring in the alburgue....
Hasta pronto!