Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Really sick in Leon


Temperature: Moderate
Mood: A little sad

Hello all,

Well, three days ago when I first noticed a sore throat, I had thought that it was nothing that a good night sleep wouldn´t cure.

Then, the following day, I really couldn´t speak. No voice.

Yesterday, I thought, well, I´ll just stay overnight in a decent hotel room, drink lots of juice, relax, then I´ll take a bus to where I should be and rejoin my friends.

And, yesterday, I also went to see a local doctor in Leon. She told me that I had better stay in bed a few more days and she prescribed me some antibiotics. I guess its a little more severe than I thought.

So, here I am in Leon. I still have a slight fever, congested chest, sore throat. All those good things.

I´m pondering whether or not I should continue the camino. I mean, what I have could just be a strong cold or maybe its bronchitis. I don´t know

So my dilemma: I love hiking the camino - it´s awesome! I mean, I´m seeing Spain by foot, I´m meeting tons of new people, I´m testing my physical limits and more than anything, I feel God´s presence everywhere. It´s amazing.

On the other hand, maybe I should save my energy to fight whatever I have. I guess I can be like the Europeans and come back next summer and finish the last stage. Like I said, many people walk the camino in stages: Pamplona to Burgos for example. Or Leon to Santiago de Compostela.

I don ´t know. I´ll make the decision in the next day or two. I´ll keep you posted.

Hasta pronto,