Monday, July 21, 2008


Temperature: Hot, Hot, Hot
Mood: Cheering up a bit after hanging out with some new friends.

Okay, the truth is, I don´t really like walking alone. Many pilgrims go on the camino on their own and they love to be by themselves. For them the camino is so reflective and they can think about the direction of their life and ponder some of the bigger questions that life poses.

Okay - I like doing all of that too. But, I still like travelling with other pilgrims. That´s just me.

So, again, I lucked out and travelled with a German lady - Hildegard. I think she said that she´s from Bremin, Germany. She pushed me to travel hard. This time I did about 35 kilometers - about 20 miles or so. That´s so much. Especially in the part of Spain that we are in now. The mesita.

Let me explain a little about the mesita. Its flat. And dry. And unchanging. And covered in very brown weeds and grass. And there are very few towns so you must be sure to bring plenty of drinking water or you will be set up for some major dehydration. And did I mention flat? Yep, as flat as a pancake so forget about trying to look ahead for the next town that´s a few miles away for a little inspirtation.

Really, the el camino de santiago is divided up into 3 major stages: The Pyrenees, The Mesita, and the rolling hills of Galicia. A ¨hospitalero¨ (an albergue greeter) said that there is a Spanish saying about the el camino¨: The Pyrenees is physical (lots of major hills), The Mesita is mental (you have to psychologically prepare yourself for the dryness and flatness) and Galicia is spiritual (its just beautiful).

I´m glad I had some company.

Hasta Pronto,