Monday, July 21, 2008


Temperature: A bit cloudy so great for travelling

Mood: Feeling alive.

I´ll spare you all of the details of all of the other towns that I passed between Sahagun and Leon. Let me just tell you that I am in Leon. Yahoo!!!!! Leon officially ends the mesita and soon I will be in verdent pastures. Leon, if you look at the map is number (304-301). I´m roughly 2/3 of the way to the final destination (Santiago de Compostela).

For the last two days, I´ve been walking with a young man from Korea - Jay. He´s only 23 and is in his 5th year of medical school! He speaks English quite well. He´s fun.

Leon is a major city with over 100,00 inhabitants. Another roman city, its famous for its huge cathedral in the center. Lots of tiny winding streets and all filled with cafes. It really is a beautiful city and aside from Burgos, its probably one of my favorites on the camino.

And, of course I was able to find an internet cafe to post my latest pix on comments. The pictures above are actually from the internet as my puny camera can´t do the city justice.

Tonight, hang out with some other pilgrims, dinner, explore more of the city, and sleep. Begin another 24 kilometer day tomorrow.

Hasta pronto,