Sunday, July 27, 2008

El Camino de Santiago - 2009!

Mood: Bittersweet

Hello all,

A couple of days ago, I arrived at a difficult decision. It was hard but I decided to leave the Camino and come back it to it next year.

It wasn´t easy, especially because I thought that I had just a little cold. I thought that a day in a private hostal would clear it up. But that little cold became worse. Finally I went to the doctor and she said that I have bronchitis. Her recommendation? Take antibiotics, drink lots of fluid, get lots of sleep and save the camino for another time.

Remember in an earlier post I talked about the camino and that its divided into three parts?
The Pyrenees represents the physical (lots of hills to climb) the Mesita represents the mental (its flat and brown with nothing in view) and Galicia represents the spiritual (its beautiful).

I am proud that for the most part, I completed the physical and the mental. And excited that the spiritual part of the adventure is still ahead of me. I cannot miss out on this last adventure. So, back to Leon in June, 2009!!

And what am I up to now? Well, I followed the doctor´s orders and stayed in Leon until last Friday. From Tuesday until Friday I basically stayed in bed and slept. I made friends with the lady who runs the hostal and she visited me regularly in my room and brought hot tea and sandwiches. Very kind! And very, very Spanish!

And, during my trip, I stayed in touch with my best friend,Susana, from Madrid (remember I lived there for three years). I told her that I had to give up the camino. So, she invited me to stay with her in Jaca, Spain. So, I took a bus yesterday and now I´m with Susana, hanging out. Jaca is in the Pyrenees so I am back where I started in the beginning of the camino.

I´m very happy hanging out with Susana. And feel very lucky to have such a good friend.

I´ll post one last post in the next day or two with pictures from Jaca.

Love to all of you,