Saturday, July 24, 2010

The end of my camino but more festivities to come (so stayed tuned)

My new friend, Cecilia, from Mar de Plata, Argentina. We met at the alburgue the two nights before I planned on arriving in Santiago. We agreed just to walk 3 kilometers to the next town to have breakfast the next day. Before we knew it we were hanging out all the way to the cathedral of Santiago Compestela. Here we are just enjoying a soda in one of the local cafes that dot the camino.

Here are the married Canadian couple, Marc and Christine, Cecilia and I in front of the Cathedral of Santiago Compestela. We all finished our camino together, giving each other high fives and hugs. Its a great feeling to finish!!!!!

Hereś Cecelia on the road. Sheś a real trouper. In great shape and can walk for miles. Weĺl be hanging out together to share in the big festivities in Santiago tonight at 11:30 (Iĺl explain later in my next blog entry)

Anyway, sheĺl be going on to Finisterra on Sunday the 25th. Finisterra means "the end of the land" in latin. They hadnt discovered the new world yet. Anyway, Finisterra is where many pilgrims end their journey instead of Santiago Compestela. Sheś brave, sheś walking another 90 kilometers. Good for her!!!1

Marc and Christine at the end of their camino

And me. Started in June of 2008 and end in July of 2010. 780 kilometers later, I reached the end of the road. Im very happy to have done it, through the camino, one can meet new friends and explore Spain by foot. But, of course, the greatest discovery is understanding yourself. I loved meeting myself many times on the camino, letting go of past grievances, taking life as it comes, testing myself physically to see if I could go another few kilometers. I loved every step and will always carry with me these memories forever.....

Next blog entry, in a couple of days....

Love, Andrea