Monday, July 26, 2010

My last day in Santiago Compestela....

Hello all,

I can´t believe it but today´s my last day in Santiago Compestela. Tomorrow I leave for Italy. I wonder what adventures await in Rome and Florence.
Anyway, here´s a picture of this huge celebration in Santiago Compestela. This was taken on July 24th the day before the big golden anniversary on the el camino de santiago. It only happens once every 11 years.

Cecilia and I hung out at the plaza for several hours to see the festivities but it was totally worth it. They had this huge light show with the cathedral as the backdrop. I loved it!!!! They had all of these images of pilgrims walking, ancient latin scrolls of directions through the camino, images of Saint James and of other apostles. All to the beat of the gaiteros (or bag pipes) which is very Galician since this part of Spain has an affinity with Ireland. Way cool.

Hasta luego,